What is digital business transformation?

Digital transformation of business

The world is changing faster and faster today. Whereas previously radical leaps and bounds of change occurred once every few decades, now every couple of years something appears that did not exist before and those who notice innovations earlier become leaders in the current conditions.

Today, innovation is associated with the Internet and digital technologies. What was at its peak not so long ago is now falling into the background. The most successful, in the case of business, is a company that used to undergo digital transformation, which used to use innovative technologies. Of course, there are still firms that are working as they used to, but practice shows that they are falling behind more and more quickly.

First, let's look at the list of things that necessarily involve the digital transformation of a business, and then we'll look at each item in detail and understand why it's important:

  • Changing the style of communication with the client
  • Automation of processes
  • Change in internal company logistics

Working with a customer

Let's imagine that we are talking about two competing pizzerias: A and B. Each of them produces quality products, but pizzeria A takes orders by phone, while pizzeria B implements the order through a mobile application, plus the order via the Internet. Seeing the success of competitors pizzeria A also creates a website for ordering, but this strategy is lost, because the site is not only not adapted to mobile devices, but there is no mobile application through which to order food mainly these days. This also applies to other parts of the business. The knife shop is more likely to find and buy material from the factory, which has a convenient site and form for circulation. The customer is more likely to take credit where it is done in a couple of clicks, without standing in line and waiting for a long time. About that, by the way, our second point.

Automation of processes

Let's go back to the examples listed earlier. A pizzeria that automates the delivery of orders from the application to the cooks and delivery companies will be a much more productive company, where the instructions are given by the person, because the human factor is excluded and everything happens much faster. The plant will produce more products, if after the customer in the shop will already know what to prepare, and in the warehouse - what material to put. Well and most of all in it the bank sphere wins. All other things being equal, the one where the robot checks all the owner's data and approves the loan or opens a deposit in 5 minutes instead of waiting a couple of weeks and filling a pile of paper will be in great demand. But all this requires a change in the internal logistics of the company.

Changes inside the company

Some positions are leaving with time, you should not be afraid to send employees to retrain or even fire them, replacing them with automatic innovation systems. It is necessary to maintain a control system so that any malfunction in the system must be reported to the relevant employees. It is in this case that digital transformation will benefit the company and increase its profits as well as productivity!

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