How to full fill website design sketch («Latin aka Roman fish»)

«Latin aka Roman fish» or let's talk about Lorem ipsum

First of all, Hey

My name is Denis and here, at KitchenCoders, I am art-director. A majority on my posts in the blog address design challenges in various projects we've been working or in general in the industry. I will get two folks helping me with technical inquiries, - Evgeny and Egor. They are blogging here as well, check it out.

I'd like to begin with very well known topic, but still quite interesting and important, - customer's content when developing design sketch from scratch. Let's begin!

Fish is for lazy

Evgeny - developer

Evgeny, Co-founder, Developer

Lingva latina non penis canina *
* Latin is not dog's penis

Evgeny is right, but in this particular situation. Lorem ipsum is classic senseless fish filler, that can be appended into any design sketch. Essentially Lorem ipsum is a distorted passage from Cicero's philosophical treatise "On the Ends of Good and Evil or On Moral Ends", written in 45 BC in Latin.

Why should I care

You should care about it since it is the way to simplify, optimize and enhance visual perception of content grid. We can see the situation quite often when designer is in from of the task to deliver graphic message with no or just a little of entry information. Basically a designer needs to work with nothing. The most simple way to make something is to use "text text text text", however I have never seen customers accepting such design sketches. The problem here is that equal words are being merged into single what we call "oat meal" and they attract attention from the grid and just simply saying about laziness of designer. So Lorem ipsum helps us to get rid of this problems: a text is hardly read from the far, but makes perception of content existence.

Do I need it?

I don't use Lorem ipsum making everything from zero to the end. The drawback of this approach is time, however there are few reasons I do this:

  • Allows better study the scope of work of the customer to fill in the section "Articles" on the construction of the layout. I visit different sites of other construction companies, read news, learn something new about the activities of our client.
  • Increases the chances of acceptance of the layout or reduction improvements. Layout with completely invented fish looks like a completely finished website, and very often the client who’s impressed is ready to accept all with minimal edits.
  • Gives a chance to avoid many iterations of the layout, if at the stage of "fish" to check almost all the tricky moments (below).
Egor, Senior Ruby Developer

Egor, Senior Ruby Developer

But I'm the opposite, I use Lorem ipsum quite often during the layout process, integration modules, control sections, etc . The content one way or another then change and spend the time and pull the designer makes no sense.

Of course Egor is right - "fish" is not always needed, if the costs in time and money to develop it too big or do not make sense - feel free to use Lorem ipsum.

Cunning moments (as promised)

For 10 years I've drawn hundreds of "fish" layouts, which allowed me to highlight a few simple rules that if followed, greatly facilitate the life of the designer and his team:

  • Do not create a grid "under the line". Yes, I know how cool looks 4 news in the string, each of which is flat 3 lines of the description. In fact, there will be 4-5 and maybe even 10 - depends on who will be the news to write. If advance planning - you will avoid the explanation how with the customer and coder.
  • Use the long data, which only can come up with. Cool when in the "Manager" hangs Ivanov Ivan. Tomorrow at this firm arranged the Constantinople Constantine and all the grid end. Make a list of the longest - title, address, full name, the name of the client's products is very helpful.
  • Use "fish" to promote their ideas and expand the functionality. You can offer the customer to give the website a beautiful banner with his products and he will say "no" - because he can't imagine this. Show the same on the layout and will probably have a chance to persuade him.

Perhaps that's it! All the questions I am always happy to answer in a comment below! Next time in our mini-section "the Basics" I will try to tell you about the basics of formatting the content - quotes -,"Christmas trees", a long dash, why should not use justify (Egor, Hey!) - that's all!

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