Transport company "Proline"

Transport company "Proline"


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The freight forwarding company PROLINE is engaged in cargo transportation between the cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar, as well as within the regions of these cities. Experience in cargo transportation and logistics allows both inter-terminal and door-to-door delivery. Proline offers temporary storage services at its warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar, loading and unloading.

The company first appeared on the market in the mid-90s, but due to a number of different difficulties, it suspended its activity after a while, having returned to the market only in 2013. After 20 years, the market has changed quite a lot, so I had to completely change the approach to transportation, starting with the corporate identity, ending with services for automating the reception and processing of orders.

Transport company

Logos of the Transport Company (TC) Proline

Logo design

Of the 90s, the only inheritance was the logo, which looked very archaic, and, in general, we call it “forgot to die”. In addition, completely incompatible colors were used in it (for example, such as in state flag of the republic of Belarus). In this regard, there was a difficult task - to redraw, but to remain recognizable.

Corporate identity

Everyday practice shows that constant quantitative growth and the scope of our activity allows us to carry out important tasks in developing directions for progressive development. The significance of these problems is so obvious that the further development of various forms of activity allows us to evaluate the significance of further directions of development. The diverse and rich experience of consulting with a wide asset requires us to analyze the systems of mass participation.


The company has a fairly active call center, which includes dozens of specialists in the field of transportation (development managers, logistics, specialists working with large customers). In this regard, it was necessary to build a budget and at the same time high-quality customer processing center, which is implemented on a software exchange and includes the following functionality:

  • Centralized reception of incoming calls from all peers (including toll-free 8800);
  • Recording conversations to improve the quality of control and training of new employees of the call center;
  • PBX integration with the application accounting system (customer base on 1C);
  • Report system and statistics of processed calls;
  • Convenient CRM system for analysis and call center management (including the addition of new operators and peers).

Website and integrations

In fact, the site turned out to be one-page (of course, with a drawn inner page). As already mentioned above, the tasks of the site were to calculate the weight (delivery cost according to volume or actual weight), place an order (according to preliminary calculations) with the ability to select the type of sender and recipient, as well as print the required documents (for example, TTN - waybill , invoices and acts on the services performed, auto-generated price list according to changes in the tariff schedule on the site and other PDF, Excel and Word documents). All this required the choice of tools capable of doing such manipulations with numbers flexibly and optimally.

Integration of TC Proline website and internal accounting systems


On the start page of the site, you can quickly make a calculation of the cost of transportation both in actual and in volumetric weight. Form an application. The advantage of the main page for TC Proline is its full dynamics - UI elements help the user set the necessary dimensions of the cargo and choose the direction of movement, establish the need for door-to-door delivery. The user does all these actions without any page reload.

Home page of TC Proline

The internal page has a typical appearance, simplified navigation and focuses as much on the content that it displays.

  • TC Proline - internal page (design example 1)
  • TC Proline - internal page (design example 2)
  • TC Proline - internal page (design example 3)

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