Russian Wake Awards 2015

Russian Wake Awards 2015


About the project

Back in 2014 we had a privilege to support this project. This year we've been chosen again!

Selecting and awarding the best riders, photographers, and cameramen is an entrenched tradition in global wakeboarding. The wakeboarding movement in our country is gaining momentum, there are wake parks in every major city, the number of strong riders is increasing, and their level is rapidly approaching the world level.

That is why the RussianWakeAwards project is a very relevant event for the Russian extreme sports industry. The award ceremony traditionally becomes the final chord of a busy season, a logical summing up and determination of the best in this year. In 2015 we will again select and award the best, continuing to develop this good tradition.

The goals and objectives of the RussianWakeAwards project are:

  • identifying the best people, places and events in wakeboarding sport in Russia;
  • to recognize their merits and contribution to the development and promotion of Russian wakeboarding;
  • awarding the most worthy representatives of the industry;

Awarding the best will spur everyone else - next year everyone will have an additional incentive: riders - to train even harder, cameramen - to shoot even better, organizers - to hold events at an even higher level.

This year's nominations are divided into open, where anyone can vote, and expert - the choice is made by a jury of industry representatives.

Objectives and goals

To develop a corporate identity for 2015, develop an informative website with a voting system.


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