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We are team of experienced digital designers and developers with over 10 years experience in IT industry.


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Our competencies
We create recognizable brands, help people to adapt business to digital century. We offer wide range of services, - Aidentika, web site development.
Wed design and web application development (including CRM). API.
IOS mobile application development (iPhone, iPad). Support and maintenance.
Search engine optimization. Context ad.
Open source project contribution. Utilizing modern tools. Experiment.
Business cases we have done
Please review our cases. Some of these projects we have done everything, - from zero to out of the box product, others - either branding or coding. Each case contains detailed description, that helps to understand more what we can do.
Our blog
We always stick with innovative technologies focusing on self-development, self-realization and interesting processes. Our blog posts we discussing all great and worst, write about technologies what are being used by KC team pushing them into mass communities and compare various solutions and tools available on market. Our posts are dedicated to design, programming languages, our customers, reports and independent analysis. We try to keep it updated and post on weekly / bi-weekly basis. ;)
How to full fill website design sketch («Latin aka Roman fish»)
over 5 years

First of all, Hey

My name is Denis and here, at KitchenCoders, I am art-director. A majority on my posts in the blog address design challenges in various projects we've been working or in general in the industry. I will get two folks helping me with technical inquiries, - Evgeny and Egor. They are blogging here as well, check it out.

I'd like to begin with very well known topic, but still quite interesting and important, - customer's content when developing design sketch from scratch. Let's begin!

Fish is for lazy

Evgeny - developer

Evgeny, developer

Lingva latina non penis canina *
* Latin is not dog's penis

Evgeny is right, but in this particular situation. Lorem ipsum is classic senseless fish filler, that can be appended into any design sketch. Essentially Lorem ipsum is a distorted passage from Cicero's philosophical treatise "On the Ends of Good and Evil or On Moral Ends", written in 45 BC in Latin.

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