Kitchencoders - Cloud Services & Brand Identity Design

Kitchencoders - Cloud Services & Brand Identity Design

We are team of experienced developers and brand identity designers with over 10 years experience.


Co-founder, Developer


Co-founder, Art-director







Our competencies
We create recognisable brands and help companies adapt their business to modern realities. We offer a wide range of services, from creating a brand identity design and business card websites to programming online shops and individual interfaces for managing business processes. We study in detail the subject of the business and its peculiarities, we analyse the potential audience of "our future product". This approach allows us to create successful works, laying everything you need to successfully promote your product. We are competent in automation, improving resilience, optimizing and building scalable solutions and we love the cloud. We help transform business for the new digital world!
Web site development and maintenance of any complexity.
Creating a recognisable corporate identity - from logo and colour palette to website layout.
Migration to the cloud. Modernisation, automation, increased resilience.
Our blog
We always stick with innovative technologies focusing on self-development, self-realization and interesting processes. Our blog posts we discussing all great and worst, write about technologies what are being used by KC team pushing them into mass communities and compare various solutions and tools available on market. Our posts are dedicated to design, programming languages, our customers, reports and independent analysis. We try to keep it updated and post on weekly / bi-weekly basis. ;)
How to full fill website design sketch («Latin aka Roman fish»)
almost 10 years


My name is Denis, and here at KitchenCoders, I work as an art director. My blog posts will be mainly about design - both the specific tasks we do on projects and the industry in general. For some technical moments I will be assisted by Zhenya and Yegor, who, by the way, also write a lot of interesting things, check it out.

Well, I want to start with a rather well-known but no less interesting and important topic, namely what to do with content when developing the concept of layouts from scratch. Here we go!

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