Hi! We are team of creative people! Welcome to KitchenCoders!
We believe that fresh business ideas allow change the World! If you have got one, we may discuss it anytime. We have great skills in various areas including startups, global corporate web-sites, kitchencoders team business startups. All projects we have done recently are _up and _running today! We would discuss, help you and share our experience. We work hard, save lots and keep team in great shape and condition! We always listen to our customers and partners! Call or shoot us the message!


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What are we doing?
Firstly, we always stick with schedule and complete tasks on time. We believe that skills development definitely is the way to move forward and rule the things, we use innovative approach on every single project we run. KitchenCoders tries to avoid using out-of-the-box CMS (content management systems) as all we do here @ KC is done from scratch taking in consideration consumers challenges. In various projects, mostly in really huge and potentially going to be scale further we embed SCRUM, Agile or another methodologies. Thus we can rely on the things have been done and move forward with no excuses and any bottlenecks. Another point is that developing software we utilize convention agreements thus any changes in dev team may not cause any delay or project stuck (even migration to another team is possible with minimal risks). We use Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS. We always create from scratch, never use templates or so. Codes are given by dev team to be stored within Git / Mercurial. Step-by-step development with known milestones and deadlines allows us to build great custom solution with ability to control any point in time by you!
Custom ecommerce (we don not use out-of-the box CMS), corporate web-sites, promo web-sites, sales landing pages, unique branding, visual identica. Responsive design.
Mobile applications any complexity with any load, - including iOS (8.0 as well), Android, Windows Phone. API development, custom integration with CRM (e.g. SAP, Salesforce).
Web-site, mobile application optimization, preparation for production. Context ads, working with social media, targeted email and sms marketing. Writing and re-writing texts.
Take part in uncommercial projects, open source contribution (e.g. Ruby gems community), use agile tools for development such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS.
Business cases we have done
Here we are happy to show some of the things we have done recently. We call them cases (business cases, case study, success stories, - any of these you wish) and we believe that they are so different and may cover some of the details we may offer for our customers. Every single case is different and contains interesting aspect which is being covered inside. Every time we consider next project we analyze it from the inside-out, compare with others (competitors), group all cons and props if there any, - thus all the projects we have done are live till today! You may want to check details below, click on the icon to be redirected to the detailed page of project.
Contact details
We are sitting right in center of the best city in Russia, - Saint-Petersburg. Anytime you want to meet us - no issues as this is center. Historical places allows to recover after intensive brain load as there is always chance to have walk any direction. You need to get metro Nevsky Prospekt and follow Griboedova kanal till ulica Italyanskaya (roughly 3 minutes of walk).